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This is the home of GCodeSimulator, GCodePrintr and GCodeInfo, tools to make the life of 3D Printer's easier.
3D Printing is the "Next Big Thing" and the community is growing each day. Many 3D printers use GCodes to control the printer movements, extrusion and heating. GCodes where initially used to control CNC milling machines.

Some History...

My RepRap 3D Printer
My RepRap 3D Printer
I started with the 3D printing hobby last year (2012) and bought a RepRap Prusa Mendel Kit. It took me some weeks to assemble the kit, build a custom chassis and start printing. I was overwhelmed by the great community and the mass of available tools. Also I was fascinated by the 3D printing toolchain and respect the complexity of slicer tools (like skeinforge or slic3r). But after a while I figured out that due to the complexity of the slicer tools, many things can go wrong (and they do go wrong!).
The most time consuming part of the calibration is to configure and understand the slicer options (there are many!) to see what impact a specific option has.

Therefore I needed a quick and easy way to check the outcome of the slicer.
Since reading gcodes manually is not very funny and other tools did not provide the granularity and details needed, I decided to write the GCodeInfo tool. It helped me with understanding some details of the sliced model (e.g. material cost) and with improving the print speed by showing some statistics about the speed distribution, but to really understand whats going on a graphical illustration is required. So, I decided to use the existing code base of GCodeInfo to visualize the gcodes. GCodeSimulator was born ! To my own surprise it was quite easy to visualize the gcodes and show the corresponding details because GCodeInfo already provided the most important things.

GCodeSimulator for PC

This application visualizes Gcodes and simulates a real 3D print. GCode is a programming language which tells 3D printers (and others) how to make a model. GCode Simulator recognizes the movements and print speeds and can simulate the print in realtime, but you can also speed-up the prints (fast forward). Each layer is painted in a different colour to see how a layer overlaps with the layer below. In addition to the top level view it also renders a front and side view of the object.

In addition it analyses the Gcode file and prints additional information like:

The GCode Print simulator allows the following actions: Now with the new debug mode with step by step execution. In Pause mode it shows the current gcode details and you can step forward/backward with space/backspace.

Developed for my reprap printer but works with other printers (e.g. makerbot, ultimaker,...) as well, tested with Silc3r and skeinforge gcodes.
Tip Add GCodeSimulator to the post-processing scripts of your slicer tool (slic3r, Skeinforge) to control the output without manual steps.

GCodePrintr (Android)

Real 3D printing on your Android device using USB-OTG cable combined with the known Gcode simulation of 3D prints

Control your 3D printer from your favorite Android device and send gcodes to the printer.
GCodePrintr for Android has a printer control panel which allows you to connect and control a real 3D printer using USB-OTG cable.
Please note:
The Android device must have the usb.host capability in order to connect to any printer (or Bluetooth). It has been tested with Reprap printer (Arduino/RAMPS) but should also work with other printer models. Got positive feedback from PrintrBot, Ultimaker and Reprap users. If you have trouble getting your printer to work, please send me the console output (incl. Error message, VendorID, ProductID,..)

The Android App is available as a free and a paid version on Google Play Store
GCodePrintr is an App to control your 3D printer from your favorite Android device and print from it. It has full printing support combined with the print simulator and basic printer control buttons(XYZ Movement, Extruder, Heat,..).
GCode Simulator (Free) includes the print simulator plus basic printer control buttons(XYZ Movement, Extruder, Heat,..) but no printing.

IMPORTANT: Before buying GCodePrintr please make sure that your printer connection works with the free version.

Print Features

NEW: GCodePrintr Version V2.0 - new and noteworthy changes

PC less Printing

GCodePrintr can load gcode files from the Android devices internal storage, sd-card or even dropbox folder. To do this you need to install an Android file manager (e.g ES File Explorer). Once the gcode file is loaded, it can be printed directly from the Android device. No PC is needed.

Background Printing

GCodePrintr has an Android service to do printing in background. Once connected, the print service is started to handle the connection. Print jobs will be done by the service, the App itself can be closed. Print progress is shown on the notification panel (% complete + time remaining). Click on the notification, will open up the App and sync up with the service. Printer connection can be closed by pressing X on the notification (be careful, it will stop your print )

Remote Web Interface

Version 1.52 introduced a rudimentary webserver to view the print status with a web browser. Connect to the web interface using the Androids device IP with port 2323. It shows the print status and allows some operations like stop/pause the print job and start/stop IP Webcam streaming (Using IP Webcam App)

SD Card printing

If you have a SD Card reader in your printer, GCodePrintr since version V1.54 can upload gcode files from the Android devices to the SD Card inside your printer (SD streaming). It can list files on the SD card and choose one for printing. The printer will print directly from SD card, GCodePrintr will report print status (percent complete) during SD card print, but in fact the android device is not needed during the print and can be turned off.

GCode Visualization and Simulation

GCodePrintr can visualize Gcodes and also simulate a 3D print. Instead of painting the model at once it is painting layer by layer to show how the print will progress. Each layer is painted in a different color to see how a layer overlaps with the layer below. A side view and a front view of the model is painted as well. All together allows you to check how your print should turn out, making it easier to spot errors and fix them instead of wasting filament.

Wireless Printing over Bluetooth

GCodePrintr can connect to bluetooth enabled 3D printers. Any Reprap printer based on RAMPS can easily be extended to support bluetooth by connecting a JY-MCU module. See FAQ. Bluetooth Support

Network Receiver Feature

GCodePrintr can listens for gcode files received over any TCPIP network. Once enabled, by long-press the "load" button, it will listen to port 53232 for connections. Use Gcode Simulator for PC (>V1.07) to send gcode files from PC directly to your Android tablet to print them.
Network Receiver

GCodePrintr - In the News

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3Ders.org - 3d printing from android devices
3Druck.com (German)
FN Weekly News
German 3D printer company Multec will ship their printers together with a touchpad running a customized version of #GCodePrintr.
Cyrus 3D Printer using a customized version of GCodePrintr
Tip Join the GCodePrintr Community to get news, discuss problems or request features.
If you are interested in a customized/branded version of GCodePrintr to ship with your printers,please contact gcode@dietzm.de.
Press & Reseller Info

GCodeInfo - Command line tool

GCodeInfo is a small command line tool to analyse gcodes. It calculates various print details like
GCodeInfo Console Screenshot

GCodeInfo App joins the family of the 3D Printing Apps GCodePrintr and GCodeSimulator.

The Android App can analyse 3D print model files (gcode) and show detailed information like price, print time, etc.
GCodeInfo App
GCodeInfo Android App
It shows the following details of the 3D print model in a nice graphical UI: The GCodeInfo App is available in the Google Play Store for free

I used it to optimize my slicer settings and print times for my reprap printer.

Downloads & Help

GCode Simulator for PC

Update V1.30 Update V1.27 Previous changes: Platform independent java, runs on Windows (XP,7,..), Linux, MacOS
Download Gcode Simulator from dietzm.de
Download Gcode Simulator from Thingiverse

GCodePrintr for Android

See Google Play Store for current version and change log

Google Play Store - GCode Simulator (Free) for Android

Online Help

Small online help for GcodePrintr
GcodePrintr FAQ
GcodePrintr (Fragen & Antworten auf Deutsch)
Checkout "Work in progress and future development" page.

GCodeInfo Version 0.99

V0.99 Changes: Platform independent java, tested with Windows (XP,7,...), Linux, MacOS
Download GCodeInfo Command line tool from dietzm.de
Download GCodeInfo Command line tool from Thingiverse
The GCodeInfo Android App is available in the Google Play Store for free

Feedback & Donate

Currently GCodeSimulator & GCodeInfo is a one-man-show.
The code of the PC version is available on github and everyone can contribute.
GCodeSimulator & GCodeInfo on github

Contribute by sending example Gcode files
Currently I test mainly with my own sliced files and most of the time I use Slic3r.
To get a better coverage for Gcodes genereated by other slicers, it would help alot if send me some samples. Thanks !

Why donate ? Because it helps keeping the project alive.
If you like the project please consider to donate.

Give Feedback
I really like to get feedback from you about things you like or dislike.
Please send your feedback to gcode@dietzm.de
Join the GCodePrintr and GCodeSimulator Community to get news, discuss problems, request features.
GCodePrintr on Google+

Report Bugs
Report bugs on GitHub ! GitHub Issue Tracker
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